About T1W Network and T1W News

About T1W Network and T1W News

Organizers of Toward One Wisconsin Conference (T1W), an annual conference on diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI), have announced the launch of the T1W Newsletter, Website, and Member Network.

News.T1W.org (the weekly newsletter) is a collection of articles, events, and original content, from across the State and Nation on Diversity, Equity & Inclusion. We are attempting to keep you informed, archive best practices and promote events that further this cause in the State. Of course the culmination of our efforts is the annual T1W Conference.

In addition to a weekly newsletter featuring DEI news and updates, members have the ability to connect with other professionals, as well as share updates on what they are doing to move the needle on DEI issues in their communities, businesses or organizations.

The Newsletter is sent to between 1,500 and 2,000 individuals each week. While anyone may subscribe for free at the Website, we have worked hard to add DEI Professionals, Government Officials, Business Leaders and Press Outlets to our database. We have an open rate in excess of 40% (well above industry standards) and a substantial number of click-throughs to the original articles or resources. 

We keep all of our articles in a searchable database so that older stories can be recalled months or years after they were first published. This allows us to maintain a best practices resource by exploring what others in the State have done before. 

We also aggregate a permanent collection of resources from across the state and nation. These will allow DEI professionals to see what others have done, review resource materials, share ideas, and expand the resources they make available to their own members. 

The Toward One Wisconsin Conference began with a mission to foster and sustain a statewide culture that understands that diversity, equity and inclusion are essential to the state’s continued excellence. Since the first conference in 2019, T1W has brought together thousands of attendees from diverse backgrounds to have broad ranging conversations around the work of DEI and how to move from talk to action.

“It’s incredibly important that this work doesn’t stop once the conference is over each year,” said T1W organizer, Eric Giordano. “The T1W Network will allow those interested in DEI to stay up to date, engaged, and connected to what others are doing.”

Members are encouraged to submit updates, articles, and stories on the work that they are doing. These articles will then be shared on the T1W Network website and newsletter.

Wherever you are on your Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) journey, there’s something for you at Toward One Wisconsin.  Whether you’re just starting out and overwhelmed, or you’re a leading activist in your community, this conference and the T1W network will provide best practices, insights and implementation tools to help you take the next steps. Across all sectors of business and life in Wisconsin, parallel efforts are underway to prioritize DEI. We may be in different places based on the diversity of our experiences, but we’re all traveling the same journey: Toward One Wisconsin.

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