Notes From Quarterly WisDOT MPO / RPC Meeting...

Notes From Quarterly WisDOT MPO / RPC Meeting...

Notes From Jon Bingol: 

Our quarterly DOT MPO/RPC Directors Meeting with the state covered an array of grant and funding opportunities (Attached) that are coming soon. One that Ken and I thought we would share now is a program that may address a problem with repairing culverts on rural roads not eligible for current "bridge" funding. If you have culverts in need of repair, please get them "inventoried" as this program may start in January of 2024.  We will keep you in the loop on this and other funding opportunities as they cross our desk.

Agricultural Road Improvement Program (ARIP)

  • New program authorized in the 2023-25 Biennial Budget

    • $150 million dollars to be awarded in the 2023-25 Biennium

    • Projects may be reimbursed at a maximum 90% state/10% local cost share

    • The legislation requires that the department “prescribe a simple and clear application process” through the development of “an application that does not exceed 2 pages in length”

    • We (DOT) are currently examining the legislation and anticipate ARIP application materials being released in early CY 2024
  • Initial review of the legislation indicates that ARIP project eligibility is restricted to an improvement project on:

    • “a county, town, city, or village highway functionally classified by DOT as a local road or minor collector, or a bridge or culvert on such a highway,” that

    •  “provides access to agricultural lands or facilities used for the production of agricultural goods, including forest products, and is used by at least one agricultural producer,” and that

    • “is designated as a class “B” highway under Wis. Stats. 349.15 due to structural deficiencies or has been subject to a posted weight limitation for at least one month during the previous year

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