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Talkin` brews: Leinenkugel`s Brewmaster John Hensley

At the start of 2019, something extremely rare happened in Wisconsin: For the first time in nearly a quarter-century, Leinenkugel`s got a new Chippewa Falls brewmaster: John Hensley. We recently caught up with him for a chat.

At the start of 2019, something extremely rare happened in Wisconsin: For the first time in nearly a quarter-century, Leinenkugel`s got a new Chippewa Falls brewmaster.

Illinois native John Hensley, 42, became just the 11th person to hold that title in the brewery`s then 152-year history...

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Ken Notes: Great interview. It is nice to see Leinenkugel`s keeping the local craft aspect of the brew even though they are owned by a mega corp. I hope this stays this way....

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Carbon dioxide shortages continues to affect breweries

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WXOW) -- In 2022, the U.S. saw shortages and price hikes for carbon dioxide, or CO2, and it`s continuing to affect business - including breweries.

CO2 is used in a number of ways including promoting plant growth, as a food preservative, and to carbonate drinks. It`s actually a key element in brewing one of Wisconsin`s favorite drinks - beer.

"CO2 is a part of the natural fermentation process that all breweries employ to make beer," Pearl Street Brewery owner Joe Katchever said. "It`s produced by breweries but we also purchase CO2, food grade CO2, that`s used to push beer from tank to tank and also to carbonate."...

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Stevens Point Streetwise: New beer combines cultures...

Hula Badger beer combines flavors of Maui and Stevens Point

A new beer celebrates the partnership and collaboration between Stevens Point and Kapaula, Hawaii. According to a release from Sentry, Stevens Point Brewery and Kohola Brewery worked together to create Hula Badger IPA.

“This unique brew combines the rich culture of Stevens Point, Wisconsin, with the tropical vibes of Lahaina, Maui, to create a truly unique and memorable experience,” the release said.

The beer offers a clean and bright aroma, with notes of tropical citrus and stone fruit. Drinkers will taste flavors like pineapple, guava, lime, white peach and orange zest. Julie Birrenkott, Stevens Point Brewery’s marketing director, said the Hula Badger IPA is a perfect combination of the two cultures...

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Ken Notes: Sounds tasty!

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20 Sprecher Soda Flavors, Ranked From Worst To Best

Are you a soda fan? Then congratulations on being a Sprecher fan. Don`t try to tell us you`ve never had Sprecher; you`ve already savored it in your dreams. The Wisconsin brand has won a big fan following and frequent visitors for its fire-brewed root beer and honey-based recipes. In fact, we named it the king of our best root beer brands...

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Ken Notes: They are all pretty good!

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Events This Weekend! and next...

WiscCrantNews is developing a list of event calendars from across the state that feature Breweries Wineries of Distilleries and their related events. We will make this a permanent part of WisCraftNews so you can always find what going on in real time...

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Ken Notes: By the way we recommend adding your event to eventbrite...

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After 36 years in bottles, Lakefront beer will now come in cans. Here`s why.

Bottles of Lakefront beer will soon be a thing of the past after the Milwaukee brewery announced a move to cans as a way of being environmentally friendly and more economically efficient. 

“It’s just what consumers are asking for, all of the data across the country and in Wisconsin show people prefer cans," Lakefront President Russ Klisch said. "Also, cans are easier to store and ship so it just makes sense to make the change now."...

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Ken Notes: I do not get this but it is true. When I tended bar to get to know people in the community the customers asked for cans ten to one. I must just be old!

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This Dry January, nonalcoholic cocktails level up in Madison

This January, Jenny Baldwin gave up alcohol.

Baldwin is not unique in this. One recent poll showed that 15% of adults in the U.S. planned to sober up for Dry January, a trend mostly driven by millennials.

It’s tough for most social Wisconsinites to skip the Old Fashioneds at happy hour, but Baldwin’s job adds a wrinkle. She co-owns a Madison bar on Park Street called Cordial, where she’s “surrounded by alcohol all the time.” Dry January has become an annual practice for her....
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6 Most Underrated Cities in Wisconsin

These underrated cities in Wisconsin will make you glad you skipped the major tourist destinations. You can avoid the crowds while experiencing the vibrant authenticity of these hidden gems found all over Wisconsin. From cities with booming arts and culture to scenic pockets with unforgettable nature destinations, Wisconsin has a lot to offer if you are willing to take the road less traveled...

Eau Claire
La Crosse

See Also:

Plan Your Next Getaway With These Exciting Destinations

Beloit, Appleton and the Fox Cities, Fish Creek, Elkhart Lake, West Bend
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Ken Notes: National attention and mentions breweries but underrated?? I line the second list a bit better... BeloitAppleton and the Fox CitiesFish CreekElkhart LakeWest Bend

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37 Dreamy Romantic Wisconsin Getaways – Private Pools, Boutique Hotels, & more!

Whether it’s your anniversary, celebrating a special occasion, babymoon, or just a weekend away from kids, these romantic Wisconsin getaways scream r&r!

It can be hard to find quiet moments in the hustle of everyday life with work and school and so many demands on our time. Taking time to focus on each other can help us to be the best parents and partners we can be. Heading out on a romantic escape for quality time with your favorite person is the perfect solution for making that time! ...

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Ken Notes: Several mention nearby wineries...

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Now Entering the Golden Age of N/A Beer

In just five years, the category has moved beyond its staid roots to become a booming industry with its own cast of big-name players and independent upstarts.

There are few nodes of drinking culture more saturated, more spoilt for choice, more endlessly iterated upon in the 21st century than craft beer. Saunter into any microbrew market and you’d be forgiven for becoming instantly mind-warped from the sheer maximalism of all the options. But look closer, past the Double Chunky Cheeky Stouts, Guava Java Smoothie Sours and Gothic Baltic Barleywines and you’ll discover a category undergoing something like a soft revolution, gently nudged aloft on the twinned winds of societal trends and market forces.

I am, of course, referring to the fast-growing, unexpectedly delicious world of nonalcoholic beer....

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Notes: Untitled Art in Wisconsin is mentioned as a leader in this category!

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