Why Minimalism is Especially Good for Introverts

Why Minimalism is Especially Good for Introverts

Introversion is the tendency to be predominantly interested in your inner life, whereas extroverts are mainly interested in what’s outside the self.

But the most recognizable difference is where we draw our energy from. Introverts feel depleted after time spent with others and need time alone—solitude—in order to recharge. Extroverts get energy from being with others.

Highly Sensitive People, a term popularized by Elaine Aron in her book The Highly Sensitive Person, are easily overwhelmed by noise, texture, smells, busyness, and even their own thoughts. They’re often sensitive to physical discomfort, violence in media, and the emotions of others.

Not all introverts are highly sensitive people, and not all HSPs are introverts, but they do often correlate. 

Do you see yourself in this description?


Kathleen Notes: Makes sense to me...

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