A New Study Shows the Power of Positivity Resonance for Couples

Way back in 2001, a study by Gottman, Levensen, and Woodin showed that contemptuous, disgusted, and other negative facial expressions observed in a marriage are a predictor of not only the couple’s future likelihood of separation but also each spouse’s future problems with their physical health.

Fast forward to 21 years later, and a new study by Wells and Haase, et al., (2022) gives us the mirror image of that finding. A positive phenomenon the authors call “positivity resonance” accurately predicts not only a successful, rewarding marriage but also each partner’s future good physical health.

What Is Positivity Resonance?

The authors define positivity resonance as “moments of interpersonal connection characterized by shared positive affect, caring nonverbal synchrony, and biological synchrony.”

So, positivity resonance is a moment in which you share a positive emotion together, requiring no words, that synchronizes your heartbeats and other physical processes.

Kathleen Notes: Attunement and emotional intelligence are key here...and these are skills you can learn!

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