The Effect of Emotional Neglect on Highly Sensitive People

It is also important to note that HSPs are born this way. In the classic debate of nature vs. nurture, scientific evidence shows HSPs fall firmly into the nature camp. This confirms that parents do not cause their children to be highly sensitive by the way they raise them.

If you’re an HSP, you think more about decisions and actions, and you process them deeply as a natural outcome. You also feel your feelings extra deeply and intensely. In some ways, having this genetic disposition can be almost like having a superpower. HSPs are capable of being more thoughtful and can feel empathy more deeply.

As a psychologist and specialist in childhood emotional neglect, this leads me to a question: Are HSPs shaped differently by emotionally neglectful parenting than non-HSPs? In other words, what happens when a highly emotionally sensitive child grows up in a family that discounts, ignores, or judges the child`s emotions? And how do those effects play out throughout the child`s lifetime?


Kathleen Notes: An HSP feels everything, including CEN, on a whole different level..

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