11 Reasons To Stop Rushing Through Life

11 Reasons To Stop Rushing Through Life

Now that kids are back in school and activities, are you noticing that life is too busy? Most of us take it for granted that we`re always rushing from one thing to the next, that we have a never-ending to-do list that keeps us from catching our breath. Pausing to watch the sunset together? Maybe once a year on vacation.

But it costs us. It wears us out and erodes our patience. And it costs our kids even more. Our society is so hooked on adrenalin that we don`t acknowledge the high price we, and our children, pay for our lifestyle. There`s nothing wrong with rushing once in a while. But rushing our children through life on a daily basis has some serious negative results. For instance, it:


Kathleen Notes: “Why do you want your child to hurry up? Because you`re done and figure he’s had long enough to finish? ... If you are constantly rushing from one place to the next (doctor’s appointment, haircut, playgroup, music lessons) have you taken on too much? Should you plan more downtime in your schedule so you have more time to be patient? More time for play and cuddles?” - PhdinParenting

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