Apply to Present at the Preconference Virtual Poster Session

Apply to Present at the Preconference Virtual Poster Session

Virtual Poster Display Opportunity: A virtual poster session is an opportunity for conference attendees to present virtually during specific times at the conference. during a time slot on the day before the in-person conference. Virtual Sessions:

  • Offer an opportunity to engage with other conference attendees who are interested in your topic.
  • Allow you to receive feedback from attendees about your topic that may lead to future collaboration.
  • Allow presenters a chance to share work in a short interactive format.
  • Provide a platform for more extended discussion (within time constraints).
  • Offer time to discuss specific aspects of your research/work and receive detailed critiques, and impartial discussion/review by peers.
  • Allow you to explain your research/work differently. For instance, you can present as short as a few minutes but can go up to 15-20 minutes.


Luke Notes: A little additional time to submit ends next week...

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