Bomb threats, canceled events, empty schools: How a bullying probe in Kiel paralyzed the Wisconsin town`s democracy

The Kiel school district’s closure of a Title IX investigation under pressure sends a `chilling message,` says an expert, but some residents tell LGBTQ youth that `you are not alone.`

On the day of the third bomb threat, a bell echoed through Kiel, Wisconsin’s empty middle school.

Students had gone home days ago after the first bomb threat, and they would finish the school year virtually. Graduation ceremonies were postponed. Sports games canceled. The Memorial Day parade? Nixed...

...Kiel`s paralysis in late May and early June followed a descent into incivility that shares elements of school board fights across the country — fueled by a cocktail of political tribalism, COVID-19 anxiety, false claims of election fraud and racial tensions following the Minneapolis police murder of George Floyd. The town`s turmoil offers deeply divided Wisconsin an extreme example of what can happen when partisan misinformation aggravates the resentment and distrust already festering in a community. ...


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