Consider diverse audiences when penning a Fall Research Competition proposal
Adeline Lo, assistant professor of political science, insists that one of the best parts about being a researcher at UW–Madison is the exciting variety of research projects on campus.

But Lo also recognizes that this diversity in topics can make it difficult for someone who is not necessarily an expert in your field or subfield to review your work quickly and with the limited amount of information a project summary in a grant proposal can afford.

Lo’s advice for those writing a Fall Research Competition (FRC) grant proposal is echoed by researchers across campus: “When writing your proposal, make the contributions you are likely to see within your project scope as clear as possible in the proposal, both to your discipline(s) as well as to policy makers and the general public.”

Ken Notes: This is not so much about DEI, as it is about writing grant proposals. That said, it is great advice and as DEI professionals it is incumbent upon us to write good proposals to write sound proposals with clear objectives...

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