Report Shows Milwaukee Has One Of The Worst Racial Disparities In Homeowner Rates And Efforts To Change That Have Had Little Impact

The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports the study by authors Ned Littlefield and Joe Peterangelo examined how the city’s racial inequities in homeownership compare with peer cities. The report builds on earlier research by the forum showing that most Black residents in the city are renters and are rent-burdened (spending more than 30% of their income on their rent) at twice the rate of white households.

The study adds just 1 in 4 Black households owned their home in 2020 compared with more than half of white households in Milwaukee...


Ken Notes: On huge challenge is entry level housing for everyone. Until we can not create homes that are affordable for our workforce they become stuck in the rental market with little chance to escape. We also need to provide education on finances and home ownership.

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