Baldwin Wisconsin Idea grants awarded

The Wisconsin Idea is expansive and inspires mutually beneficial collaborations that address diverse topics, from soil health in West Africa to mapping the Indigenous histories of the land where the university was built.

Eight projects and 10 seed projects receiving seed grants from the Ira and Ineva Reilly Baldwin Wisconsin Idea Endowment show the range of how UW–Madison faculty, staff and students can collaborate with community members to co-create and share knowledge and solutions that will benefit and enrich the lives of the people of Wisconsin, the nation and the world...

  • Arts for Everyone, Everywhere: Interdisciplinary Arts Outreach Initiative
  • Advancing Tribal Cooperatives
  • Inclusive Tai Chi: Promoting Leaders of Color to Adapt Tai Chi for Latinx & African American Elders
  • Advancing the Water Resource Goals of the Red Cliff Environmental Department
  • Building and Sustaining a Food Entrepreneur Ecosystem
  • Youth-Driven Research and Evaluation for Systemic Change in K12 Schooling
  • Odyssey Beyond Bars


Ken Notes: Nice to see the Wisconsin Idea is often tied to diversity...

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