U.S. Department of Education to Promote Educator Diversity Through National Convenings

U.S. Department of Education to Promote Educator Diversity Through National Convenings

Extending its commitment to support school systems as they find new and innovative ways to encourage, invest in, and support teachers across America, the U.S. Department of Education (Department) will host two convenings focused on educator diversity.

The two events, the Teach to Lead Summit and the Conference on Equity in Opportunity, will take place in Denver, Colorado, beginning on Oct. 26, 2023, and bring together key educational leaders for national conversations about the importance of educator diversity in our nation`s schools. During these events, the Department will bring together leaders in effective educator development to discuss key issues related to promoting educator diversity. The events are designed to lift effective practices and obtain additional insights from participating educators and organizations about how to elevate educator diversity in our nation`s schools.

"To Raise the Bar for learning conditions in our schools, we must make sure every student in every community has equitable access to outstanding educators who represent the diversity of the communities they serve and are well-supported, well-prepared, and fully empowered to lead in the classroom," said U.S. Secretary of Education Miguel Cardona. "Both of these events will provide educators, school leaders, and state and local officials with opportunities to share new and exciting ways to grow the workforce with additional diverse and talented educators. The Biden-Harris Administration will continue to work with state and local leaders to invest in our educators and provide students with the rich learning experiences and academically rigorous education they deserve." ...


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