UW-Madison officials embrace diversity, free speech at convocation

UW-Madison officials embrace diversity, free speech at convocation

Chancellor Mnookin delivered a heartfelt welcome to first-year students at UW-Madison`s Fall 2023 New Student Convocation.

The University of Wisconsin-Madison held a first-year student convocation ceremony Tuesday amid a series of incidents that put UW-Madison into headlines, including Memorial Union’s pier collapsing and a violent sexual assault on State Street.

Tuesday’s ceremony welcomed thousands of students to campus at a time when UW-Madison and the UW System are entangled in discussions over free speech and belonging....

...“Embrace this diversity and be comfortable with the uncomfortable,“ said LaVar Charleston, UW-Madison deputy vice chancellor for diversity & inclusion.

Chancellor Jennifer Mnookin centered free speech throughout her remarks.

“There is no doubt that freedom of speech is a heck of a lot easier to believe in when you agree with the speaker, but it’s probably most important when you don’t,” Mnookin said....


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