La Crosse County Child Care Grant Program

La Crosse County Child Care Grant Program

LA CROSSE, Wis. (WLAX/WEUX) – Applications opened up Monday for the new $500,000 childcare grant program in La Crosse County. This program is expected to help childcare providers increase capacity and improve their business model.

La Crosse County Community Development Specialist, Sam Bachmeier, explains how the county will try to make things easier for childcare providers, “This has been a couple of years in the making program. We’ve listened to childcare providers here in the community and have tried to understand some of the challenges that they’re facing. You know, many of the challenges stem from just it’s a hard business model to run, you know, with limited funds available to childcare providers. So, we have come up with a program that will provide grants up to $25,000 for childcare providers in La Crosse County to essentially make capital improvements to their facilities.”

Bachmeier also says...


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